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Welcome to the new era of green energy lighting! Denver LED Lights is a green energy lighting startup-company based in Denver, Colorado. The company owners are two college students and future entrepreneurs, William Otey and Rodell Reddix, Jr, who desired to form a corporation aimed at providing energy savings. After careful consideration, both students agreed on forming an exclusive high output LED (light-emitting diode) lighting company; moreover, Denver LED Lights also became the first exclusive high output distributor in North America.

Organization of the newly formed company began in February, 2013 and continues expanding today with new manufacturer relationships and strategic partnerships - IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) and Xcel Energy. Supplier relationships help Denver LED Lights manage the types of green lights bulbs available for consumer use. Exceptional product pricing, volume discounts and partnership relationships combine to make Denver LED Lights one of the most affordable green energy lighting distributors in the world.

Customer acquisitions occur through word-of-mouth advertising, referrals, compiled lists and online searches. Acquisition method has been chosen because of the widespread need and awareness of LED lighting. Word-of-mouth advertising has proven effective in generating leads similar to the way Amway Corporation expanded in the 60s and 70s. Compiled lists contain the names of well-known corporations that Denver LED Lights would like to target. Online searches for keywords like “sustainability”, “green energy” and “retrofit projects” have produced leads that are currently in negotiations. Future growth will focus on sales generation and the development of sales teams, marketing the new high output LED efficiency standard and product design and manufacturing.

The next phase of company growth starting in late 2014 and lasting through 2017 focuses on providing industry sectors with the appropriate green energy lighting to reduce energy usage and costs. This phase began with a commercial letter that highlights commonly used LED lighting types for commercial businesses. During this period, Denver LED Lights expects to market affordable high output LED lights to the following sectors:


Denver LED Lights is in the process of transforming from a partnership into a corporation. In 2016, the change was made to better market our LED lighting services and establish strategic partnerships with other companies in the renewable services industry. Our company focus will remain the same - continue to provide the best high efficiency LED lighting and fixtures in the marketplace. The network of existing manufacturers is intact and will continue expanding in 2017. This is just the beginning of our transformation so check back with us periodically as we progress into the renewable energy age.


A variety of LED lighting field and product research is shared in the Denver LED Lights newsletters. Topics like light bulb types available, luminous efficiency, wattage equivalent and Kelvin variable rating have all been featured. In the Spring 2016 edition, we even featured new products with links to the online specification sheets. This feature will continue as we build and introduce new products in 2017. Enjoy reading the Denver LED Lights online newsletters and continue with the education required for the energy future.

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New strategic partnerships are forward thinking, innovative platforms in development that have or will prove complementary when used with LED lighting. Forward thinking platforms detect and position for future trends in a marketplace. Innovation drives the platform to the marketplace via consumer delivery methods that are profitable for the company and cost-saving for the consumer. One such forward thinking and innovative platform is POWUR.

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